Version History

'Creating the World' by John R Downie.

The current version is 150505. To download, click here.

Most differences between versions consist of minor corrections (e.g. spelling, punctuation, word order) or re-phrasing of sentences to aid clarity. More substantial alterations will be described on this page. Scientific discoveries published since 2000 that are relevant to the book but do not affect the core content will only be included in a new version if this can be done without substantial alteration to the text. A change in the manner of file conversion (which may result in a difference in file size) will not be recorded as a new version unless it is accompanied by a change in the document being converted. The version number is the date on which the version was completed (not necessarily published), displayed in international format. Versions are listed with the most recent at the top.

150505 Correction of errors by Adobe Acrobat in transfer to pdf (mainly omitted words). Minor improvements in wording.
090325 Addition to p64 to clarify the timescale for identification with the body. Addition to acknowledgements.
090115 Misattribution corrected (p308); reference added to Summary (Note 1).
081213 The index has been updated and corrected.
081126 The first generally available version, accessible as a free download. A few minor alterations.
Various Interim versions with a few minor alterations. Circulated privately in hard copy and on disk.
051209 The version registered with the United States Copyright Office (effective 16 Dec 2005).
Various Various interim versions with changes to the internal organisation. Not circulated.
040208 The first version to incorporate the Summary. Not circulated.
030531 Interim version with minor changes. Circulated privately in hard copy.
030227 The first version with 16 chapters. Circulated privately in hard copy.
020103 Second draft with Chapters 12, 13 & 14 still not written. Circulated privately in hard copy.
001107 First draft with Chapters 12, 13 & 14 not yet written. 22 copies circulated privately in hard copy.

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